Vibro Purifier

B.K.B. Type


  • No Lubrication Points
  • Less maintenance and easy operational
  • variable stroke
  • Minimum Noise
  • High capacity
  • Excellent sanitation in the machine
  • Easy access for cleaning and adjusting
  • Three sleeves decks
  • Metal sleve frames with brush cleaners can be retensioned.


For purifying and grading semolinas and middlings in semolina and flour mills.

Working principle

The Stockflows at a uniform feed rate through the feed gate is spread across the entire width of  sieve. The sieve box is equipped with 3 layers of sieves. Air is drown through the sieves during the sieving operation. The lowest density particles are lifted with the help of fluidisilation by air and then aspirated through the aspiration hood. The clean semonilas drop in shaking channel depending on the quality requirments while hull particles with low gravity floats on the cushion of air towards the outlet.



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